Wednesday, June 15, 2016

MEDITATION - 6/15/2016

I focused first on dry cracked earth.  My awareness expanded to the dust and the heat.  I looked around.  Normally I meditate into a forest, but now I was in a desert, with nothing but heat and dry cracked earth.  My regular guide, the wolf, was also nowhere to be found.  Instead, to my right was a snake.

"Hello," I said.  "I've never talked to a snake before."  It didn't respond.  "Is this place even real?" I asked.

"Are you standing here?" replied the snake.

"Yes, but I could be deluding myself.  You know, making all this up.  Seems likely."

The snake turned from me and started slithering away, toward a heat shrouded mountain in the distance.

"Hey!" I called after it.  "Where is the forest?  Where is the wolf?"

The snake continued it's progress, but glanced over it shoulder as it moved.  "This is the state of your soul now.  Get better and there will be something more interesting here."

I found myself struggling to keep my eyes closed as I was thrust back into the real world. I gave in and let my eyelids open as they would.

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